About us

Easy to wear. Hard to take off. Luxurious fabric in beautiful design for every occasion.


Cilacap Shop is a clothing wear brand with the focus on either casual or luxury and ease.

Our uncomplicated silhouettes in beautifully design and models are timeless in their aesthetic and unparalleled in their quality. We expect every piece we make to live in your closet for years to come. We are driven and inspired by the ability to bring beauty and happiness to those who wear Cilacap Shop.

Designed by a cutting edge team and made in our own factory, each item is inspected carefully priority to shipping.

We are more than happy if you have any questions related to our products.

Please feel free to drop us a message here.

Thank you for choosing us as part of your “wardrobe consultant” !

At the very beginning we thought this could be a place for all customers to enjoy their lives in fashion ways and we have no doubt that anyone who first knows us will continue supporting us the next time for sure.

We bring you trust and sustainability.

We bring the most trendy clothes without breaking your bank.

We definitely be one of your best friends in this criteria.


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